Japan Seniors Rely On VR To Travel

Traveling and seeing the world is something that a lot of people take for granted. However, seniors don’t quite have the opportunity to travel due to health reasons. A therapist at the University of Tokyo is looking to change things a little bit, offering a virtual reality tour for some of his senior patients.

Kenta Toshima has been able to see a lot of the world himself, and he has a passion for taking photos and videos while he travels. During his travels, he has been able to compile a number of beautiful scenes for his patients to take in. While it can’t replace actually traveling completely, it is a brilliant way to use technology for good.

Virtual reality is something that most seniors never thought would be possible. Decades ago, traveling was more expensive, and even the best video in the world could not replicate visiting.

The hope for Toshima is that he can continue to build on this technology as much as possible. Offering new escapes from reality will bring some good vibes to his patients. Sometimes, it can be very frustrating to be restricted in the country of Japan. It is hard to travel to other parts of the world, even without considering the travel limitations of an older person.

Toshima is quick to point out that although most of his patients are on able to travel anywhere that involves a long flight, he has a very active group of seniors. They are very eager to learn and willing to explore new technology. It might be impossible for some of the seniors to ever get to the United States, but taking in the sights and sounds of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City is now a possibility thanks to technology and some hard work from Toshima.